Credits 1999 - 1989


OffRoad Fest '99
  - HallTech Video Productions Video - Camera
Check out Monster Truck "BULLDOZER"  and other events including Motocross, ATV's Racing Title, the Canadian Cup, Tuff Trucks, Buggy and Wheel to Wheel Trucks, and Mud Racing. Over 80 Minutes of OffRoad Action.

Peterborough Regional Health Centre  - Peterborough Regional Health Centre Video (Promotional) - Editor
Promoting the PRHC as a new vision for health care in Peterborough.

UEL Conference ‘98  - Windswept Productions Video - Producer/Camera/Editor
Highlights of the 1998 United Empire Loyalist Conference held in Kingston, Ontario.

Ultimate Challenge  - Quinte Youth for Christ Video - Camera
Coverage of the 1999 "Ultimate Challenge" night.

Bill Barber  - Bill Barber Campaign Video - Editor
A nomination campaign video.

Historic Re-enactments and Encampments  - Windswept Productions Video - Producer/Camera/Editor
A collage of 5 "Living History" events from Carrying Place, Ontario to Saint John, New Brunswick.

Equipment Demos  - Standard Paper Box Ltd. Video - Camera/Editor
Demonstrating 2 pieces of equipment for sale.


Catarac Surgery  - Apogee Productions Video - Camera
Videotaping of catarac-replacement operations for use at a medical conference.

Sled Extreme  - Memo-Vision Video Productions Video - Assistant Editor
Sled Extreme is a powerful production that tours North America to bring you unparalled action from the wildest snocross and cross country racing to pristine, deep powder riding.

A Step in the Right Direction  - Bay of Quinte Remedial Action Plan Video - Producer/Director/Co-writer/Camera/Editor
With an in-depth look at three farms, this video shows that the agricultural community is doing its part to improve water quality in the Bay of Quinte watershed.

Toward a Safer Tomorrow- Alternatives for Women in Prince Edward County Video - Producer/Director/Camera/Editor
A video to prepare and familiarize victims of abuse for what to expect in the Court and legal system.


John Woo's Blackjack  - Alliance Atlantis Communications Feature Film - Video Assist
Dolf Lundgren ("Rocky IV", "Universal Soldier") is crime-fighter Jack Devlin, in this non-stop action film by John Woo.

The Angler and Hunter  - TVI Video TV Series - Field and Studio Camera
Weekly Television show of the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters.

Labbatts Blue & Bell Advantage TV Commercials  - Video Assist

Tree Tops  - Audrey and Percy Saltzman Video - Producer/Director/Camera/Editor
A personal tour of "Tree Tops Cottage" and its setting in Quinte's Ilse by Canada's renowned TV Weatherman, Percy Saltzman.

Staying the Course  - Bay of Quinte Remedial Action Plan Video - Producer/Director/Co-writer/Camera/Editor
Demonstrating the links between the Bay of Quinte Remedial Action Plan and area municipalities, through past successes and future challenges.

Kitchens By You  - ArtPlus Ltd. Video -  Director/Storyboard/Camera/Editor
How to assemble and install do-it-yourself kitchen cabinets from NHB Industries.

Epopee en Amerique: une histoire popular du Quebec  - Histoire au Voir Productions TV Series (13 x 1 hour episodes) - Supplier of Stock Footage
An educational series on the history of Quebec, from the period of the Vikings to the 20th Century. Footage from "The First Year" (1984).


The Edge  - 20th Century Fox Feature Film - Composites Video Editor
An epic of adventure and survival starring Sir Anthony Hopkins, Alec Baldwin, Elle MacPherson and "Bart" the Grizzly Bear, set in the Alaskan Wilderness (but shot in the Canadian Rockies!). Read an article about my involvement in
"Life on the Edge" .

Fullfilling the Promise  - International Joint Commission Video - Supplier of Stock Footage
Video stock footage (from "Time to Act") for use in a video exploring pollution problems and clean-up successes in the Great Lakes.

Great Lakes Science Center  - The Chedd-Angier Production Company Interactive Video - Supplier of Stock Footage
Video stock footage (on the Bay of Quinte and Lake Ontario) for use in an educational, interactive video display at the Great Lakes Science Center in Cleavland, Ohio.

Dental Forum on CD  - The Dental Forum on CD CD-ROM - Editor
Video is digitized, edited and rendered as AVI and QuickTime files for use in a bi-monthly "CD-ROM magazine" for the Dental profession.

Whirpool Appliances  - Whirlpool Corporation Interactive Videodisc - Producer/Editor
Video segments highlighting the features of Whirlpool appliances for an interactive display in a Vancouver, BC FutureShop.

For the Love of Rogers  - Marilyn Woolven (Soloist) Video - Camera/Sound Editor
A benefit concert presented as part of The Quinte Arts Council's "Two Weeks in May".

Prince Edward County: Ontario's Island Community  - P. E. County Community Development Corp. Video - Camera/Editor/Computer Graphics
A shorter re-edit of Prince Edward: The County (1992 - see below) produced to support a "Prince Edward County Night" held at the House of Commons in Ottawa.

Youth for Christ  - Quinte Youth for Christ Video - Camera/Editor
A short video that communicates the work of Youth for Christ in the Quinte area to the community's adult Christians.

Belleville Greencheck  - Belleville Greencheck Video - Producer/Director/Camera/Editor
Follows a Belleville Greencheck team as they check a home for possible ways to improve energy and environmental efficiency.

The Sonic Meta-Drill  - MPI Drilling (Picton, Ontario) Video - Producer/Editor
Illustrates the advantages of this company's unique core drilling technology (an update of "The Meta-Drill" -1989).

Prostate Surgery  - Innerlight Productions Live Video - Camera
Live video coverage of an experimental Prostate surgery technique at Kingston General Hospital.

Real Estate Video  - Horton, Walace and Davies Ltd. Multimedia File - Editor
Video footage was digitized, edited and rendered as an AVI file to be synchronized with Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) data.

Giza 1994: A Personal Journey  - Amtex Software Corporation Video - Off-line Editor/Animator
A video tour of the Giza Plateau in Egypt with emphasis on the Great Pyramid of Khufu.

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Realities of Battle  - The Canadian Land Force Command and Staff College Interactive Video - Director/Camera
Video documentation of a battlefield study tour in Rimini, Italy. The video features Canadian, German and Italian Veterans describing the battle on the actual sites where they fought. The video footage is to be incorporated into an interactive learning package for use by the Staff College.

Quality Excellence! Returning Defects  - Northern Telecom Canada Ltd. Video (4 parts) - Director/Camera/Editor
Dramatizations of both effective and in-effective methods of dealing with defective products.

Alcan Research & Dupont Research  - Innerlight Productions Video - Camera
Video coverage of new industrial processes.

Waterfront Festival  - Belleville Waterfront Festival & Folklorama Co. Video - Editor
Scenes of The Belleville Waterfront Festival & Folklorama set to the music of Andy Forgie and Karen Williamson.

Philips Cables  - Innerlight Productions Video - Camera
Video coverage of presentations, seminars and celebrations surrounding the 1994 plant expansion at Philips Cables Ltd. in Brockville, Ontario. 1993


Time To Act  - Bay of Quinte Remedial Action Plan Video - Producer/Writer/Director/Camera/Editor
Highlights some of the actions that have taken place, and have yet to take place, to clean up the Bay of Quinte's waters.

Sicily Remembered  - Hastings & Prince Edward Centre for Military History Video - Director/Camera/Editor
Five Canadian veterans recollect the 1943 invasion of Sicily.

Trenton Memorial Hospital  - Creative Media Sevices Video - Camera
A video to support the Hospital's fund raising efforts.

Mead Johnson Canada  - Creative Media Services Video - Lighting Technician
Lighting for a high shutter-speed video camera in order to find problems on the assembly line.


Dupont Staff Training  - Dave Clarke Productions Video - Camera
Video coverage of internal staff training seminars.

Memories of the 1992 Belleville Waterfront Festival & Folklorama  - Waterfront Festival & Folklorama Co. Video - Producer/Director/Camera/Editor
Video highlights of the annual festival.

Prince Edward: The County  - Corporation of the County of Prince Edward Video- Producer/Director/Co-writer/Camera/Editor
A video promoting Prince Edward County as an ideal place to visit, to live, and to work. Aired on PBS.

Geography for the 21st Century  - Bay of Quinte Remedial Action Plan Video - Camera
A video record of a teacher's workshop day on the Bay of Quinte, sponsored by the National Geographic Society.

"Katy"  - The Hastings & Prince Edward Regimental Museum Video - Camera
A video record of the Hastings & Prince Edward Regiment's restoration of a World War II Bren Gun Carrier.

Alcan Equipment Test  - Innerlight Productions Video - Camera
Video coverage of the testing of a new fire extinguishing system.


The Bridge Street United Church Foundation: A Living Parable  - Bridge St. United Church Foundation Video - Producer/Director/Camera/Editor
Following the Parable of the Talents, the people of Bridge St. United Church, in Belleville, Ont., have used a generous bequest to spread good works throughout the world.

Quinte Environmental Resources Alliance  - Creative Media Sevices Video - Camera
An educational video aimed at children that deals with environmental problems in the Bay of Quinte ecosystem.

Trenton Memorial Hospital  - Creative Media Sevices Video - Camera
A video designed to introduce the Hospital's services to patients.


Education in a Fine Tradition  - Hastings County Board of Education Video - Producer/Co-writer/Director/Camera/Editor
This video demonstrates that, while education has changed and progressed over the years, a tradition of excellence continues in Hastings County schools.

Learning About Science Fair  - Hastings County Board of Education Video - Producer/Director/Camera/Editor
An instructional video preparing students for the Science Fair.


We Can Do It  - William R. Kirk School Video - Producer/Director/Camera/Editor
A brief sketch of William R. Kirk School and its world renowned work with physically and mentally challenged students.

Japanese Teachers Visit  - William R. Kirk School Video - Camera
A video record of a group of Japanese teachers visiting William R. Kirk School in Belleville, Ontario.

The Meta-Drill  - Meta-Probe Video - Producer/Co-writer/Director/Camera/Editor
This video promotes the advantages of the company's unique core drilling technology.

Time To Decide  - Bay of Quinte Remedial Action Plan Video - Producer/Writer/Director/Camera/Editor
This video explores the pollution problems affecting the Bay and introduces some of the remedial measures being considered.

Trooping of the Colour  - Windswept Productions Video - Camera/Editor
A record of an ancient military ceremony conducted by the Hastings & Prince Edward Regiment.

Projects in "Limbo":

The Country School  -   Exploring the history of the Country School in Canada.
A video record of the rebuilding of
Fort Kente, originally built by the British in the War of 1812.
A video record of a ceremony commemorating
Trenton, Ontario's role as "Hollywood North".
A history of the
Hastings & Prince Edward Regiment; one of Canada's most highly decorated.
A film documenting a
round-the-world trip aboard a tall ship during the 1940's.