Credits 2005 - 2000


The Carriage House Retirement Residence - Etherlinx
Web-Video - Camera
There's no place like home for warmth, security and independence. The Carriage House offers all this and more in Victorian style elegance. Close to retail shops, public transit, places of worship, banking, hospitals and health clinics and all city amenities. Its excellent service and modern facilities have made it the “Best Retirement Residence in Durham Region”. Our residents always come first.

the TRADES - Quinte Desinations for Youth
Video/DVD - Producer/Director/Camera/Editor/DVD Author
The Trades are a viable and attractive career alternative - and a vital part of our economy! This video introduces various Trades to youth at risk who may not have considered this option before. In English & French.

Reality Bytes - Spirit Borne Productions
Video - Camera

Ice Boating - Windswept Productions
Video - Camera
The thrill of ice boats hurtling over the frozen Bay of Quinte.


Bioniche Global Employee Webcast DVD - Don Edwards & Associates for Bioniche Life Sciences
DVD - Editor/Author
Bioniche's 25th Anniversary celebrations packaged on DVD for Bioniche's employees.

Bioniche Annual General Meeting Video - Don Edwards & Associates for Bioniche Life Sciences
DVD - Editor
Collage of Bioniche's world-wide activities for the 2004 AGM at the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX).

The Guardian - Jill Milliken, Diabetes Nurse Specialist for Medtronic
Video for PowerPoint - Camera/Editor
A testimonial on how the Medtronic Guardian allows a Diabetes patient monitor her blood sugar more effectively.

Epidural Post-Operative Pain Management - Quinte Healthcare, Belleville General Hospital
Seminar Video - Camera

Dr Petrella on Suplasyn - Don Edwards & Associates for Bioniche Life Sciences
DVD - off-line editor

Saint John Tall Ships Challenge - Windswept Productions
Video - Camera
Tall Ships visit Saint John, New Brunswick in celebration of the 400th anniversary of the arrival of the Acadians in 1604. Thick fog during the ships' arrival made for some very mysterious and atmospheric shots and will help illustrate the arrival of the Loyalist fleets in 1783 for the documentary, Treason & Loyalty . Look at some of my pictures of the event or visit the Saint John Tall Ships Challenge photo page .

Bioniche 25th Anniversary Global Webcast - Bioniche Life Sciences
Video - Editor/Camera
Video segments from Bioniche's locations throughout the world (Canada, US, Ireland, Switzerland, Australia) were combined with live video of Bioniche's 25th Anniversary celebrations in a Global Webcast to all of Bioniche's employees.

CHICA 2004 Conference - Calgary - Webber Training
Digital Still Pictures - Photographer
Promoting the Trainer's Resource for Infection Control.

Trainer's Resource for Infection Control - Webber Training
CD/PowerPoint - Digital Photographer
"Hospitals have become a breeding ground for deadly bacteria, including drug-resistant superbugs. More than 8,000 Canadians are expected to die from hospital-related infections this year, and the cost of treating patients for infections aquired in hospitals has reached an estimated $1,000,000,000.00 a year. ...... Infections are right up there with cancer and heart disease, but they don't get the attention they deserve." (Dr. Dick Zoutman - Reader's Digest - Feb/02)
The TRAINER'S RESOURCE for INFECTION CONTROL kit is used to instruct Health Care Providers on effective methods of preventing the spread of infectious diseases.

Prince Edward County Film Locations Guide - PELA Community Futures Development Corp.
Locations Guide - Project Coordinator
The unique and varied landscape of Prince Edward County has already served as the location for a number of Film and Television Productions. The ground-work was laid for a Film Locations Guide in order to attract more production work to this island County and to serve the needs of Producers.

All You Need is Love Concert - Graymatters Video Productions
Video - Camera

Jumping Through Time - Quinte Figure Skating Club
Video - Camera/Editor

Insulin Pump - Amy - Jill Milliken, Diabetes Nurse Specialist
Video for Powerpoint Presentation - Editor

Product Shots - Bioniche Animal Health
Product Pictures - Digital Camera

Jesse Cook Promo - Graymatters Video Productions
Video - Camera

Grandpa at 96 - Windswept Productions
Video/DVD - Camera/Editor/Author
Harold Roulson recounts his life and travels around the globe as a sailor. Produced to mark his 100th birthday.

That Canadian Guy - Graymatters Video Productions
DVD - Camera

Inside Video Workshops - Essence Productions
Video Training Workshops - Teacher
The Inside Video workshop brings together several experienced professionals to share their skills in an informal, "learn-by-doing" workshop setting that teach participants the techniques and technology of the television and video industry.

Belleville Frazzle-Ice Jam/Flooding Coverage - The Weather Network
TV - Camera/Interviewer
Coverage of the Frazzle-Ice Jam and subsequent flooding in Belleville in Jan/Feb 2004.

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Contractor Safety Compliance Policy - Atlantic Packaging Products Ltd.
Video - Producer/Director/Camera/Editor
A Safety Video to prepare Contractors before working at Atlantic Packaging's facilities.

The Nutcracker - Graymatters Video Productions
Video - Camera

Popcorn with Maple Syrup - Peter Rowe Productions / CBC
Documentary - Scanning/Stock Footage/Camera Assistant
A CBC documentary on the History of Canadian Cinema.

Last Day of School - Windswept Productions
Video/DVD - Director/Camera/Editor
The late Eugene "Jeep" Lang leads a final tour through B.C.I.& V.S. (Belleville Collegiate Institute & Vocational School) before what seemed imminent demolition of this Belleville landmark in June 1997. Shot with a SteadicamJR, and with Eugene's incredible historical knowledge and wit, the video is a fascinating journey through this Heritage Landmark. The video was premiered at the 75th anniversary reunion of BCI in June 2003 (BCI Forever).
** After a long, contentious, and valiant fight to save BCI, it was finally demolished in April/May 2004. Belleville has lost an irretrievable part of its heritage and what could have been an invaluable part of its future. The Spirit of BCI lives on ..... Forever! **

The Changing Profile of Food and Waterborne Pathogens - Centre for Research on Environmental Microbiology
Symposium Video - Camera
"In spite of many recent successes in our struggle against microbial pathogens, infections continue to cause much morbidity and mortality worldwide.... we need greater emphasis on environmental control and hygiene ..... without such an approach at national and global levels, the developing world will remain mired in poor health and the developed world will continue to live in constant fear of disease importations."

BCI&VS 75th Anniversary Reunion TV Ad - Windswept Productions
TV Ad - Producer/Camera/Editor
Promoting the 75th Anniversary Reunion weekend of Belleville Collegiate Institute & Vocational School (BCI Forever) - June 6-8, 2003.

The Belleville McFarlands - Winterfest in the Village
DVD - Editor
A commemoration of 1958 World Cup Hockey Champ's, the Belleville McFarlands.

Epidurals in Obstetrics - Quinte Healthcare Belleville General
Seminar Video - Camera

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A MAP for Crohn's Disease - Centre for Research on Environmental Microbiology
Symposium Video - Camera/Editor
"The causation of Crohn's disease has been hotly debated for many years. Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis (MAP) was suggested as a cause of Crohn's in 1913, but evidence for this association is now much stronger - this symposium presented the latest evidence on the involvement of MAP in Crohn's disease."

Bioniche Life Sciences: Belleville Operations - Don Edwards & Associates Inc.
Corporate Video - Camera/Editor
"Bioniche Life Sciences Inc. is a biopharmeceutical company with growing global revenues and a business model that reduces risk while the extensive R&D platform provides significant opportunity for growth."

Richmond Tall Ships 2002 - Richmond B.C. Tall Ships 2002 Committee
TV Commercial - Supplier of Stock Footage
The American Sail Training Association (ASTA) has announced that the City of Richmond is the winner of its prestigious 2002 Port City of the Year Award. The award was based on the City's hosting of Richmond Tall Ships 2002, which was called an unqualified success.

Bioniche Life Sciences B-Roll - Don Edwards & Associates Inc.
Video - Camera/Editor
B-Roll footage of Bioniche's activities and products for a news release.

CHICA Conference - Maunco Sanitation & Safety Supplies
Video - Camera
Video coverage and interviews at the CHICA-Canada Conference in St. John's, Newfoundland.

Children's Active Play in the Canadian Outdoors - Rowan Ridge Productions
Video - Editor
An examination of how playing outdoors in the natural environment benefits the over-all health of children throughout their lives.

Equipment Demos - Standard Paper Box Ltd.
Video - Camera/Editor
Demonstration of box-cutting equipment for sale.

Insulin Pump Therapy: A Better Option - Jill Milliken, Diabetes Nurse Specialist
Video - Director/Camera/Editor
How Insulin Pump Therapy has changed the lives of three diabetics.

Elijah - Spirit Borne
Video (Live Event) - Camera
"A Musical about the Power of Prayer"

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Christmas Message - The Honourable Lyle Vanclief, MP and Minister Of Agriculture and Agri-food
TV - Camera/Editor
Year-end message from The Honourable Lyle Vanclief, Member of Parliament for Hastings, Prince Edward and Canada's Minister of Agriculture and Agri-food.

Fair Jeanne in New York City - Windswept Productions
DVD - Producer
OpSail2000 Tall Ships sailpast in New York City, July 4, 2000 - from the deck of the Tall Ship "Fair Jeanne".
Windswept Production's 1st DVD project!

Quinte Healthcare Corporation - Quinte Healthcare Corporation
Video/DVD - Producer/Director/Camera/Editor
Quinte Healthcare Corporation is an organization consisting of four hospital sites, located in Hastings and Prince Edward Counties in Southeastern Ontario, Canada. QHC is recognized as a model of success in hospital amalgamation. This video will highlight QHC's unique features as well as the Quinte area's lifestyle advantages to potential Medical Staff.

Echi-Fend - Quinte Botanicals / Don Edwards & Associates Inc.
Video - Editor
Introducing "Echi-Fend" - a standardized formulation of Echinacea developed for horses. Echinacea has a long history of traditional herbal use validated in modern science for the treatment of colds, coughs, and minor viral infections.

Tall Ships Great Lakes Challenge
TV - Camera
In all, some 50 tall ships were active on the Great Lakes during the summer months (2001) participating in 17 port festivals. It was the largest armada to visit the Great Lakes in modern times. Virtually all of these ships are members of ASTA, a 28-year-old nonprofit organization based in Newport, Rhode Island.

If I Wasn't a Gunner .... I Wouldn't be Here - Windswept Productions
Video - Director/Camera/Editor
Tall Ship Fair Jeanne's millenium voyage from Newport, Rhode Island to New York City and back. Includes the Newport Salute and OpSail 2000 - "The Greatest Event in Maritime History"

Kingston Tall Ships Challenge - CKWS-TV
TV Commercials - Supplier of Stock Footage
The Kingston Tall Ships Challenge was the kick-off event to the 2001 Great Lakes Tall Ships Challenge Race. My footage was used by CKWS-TV to create 2 - 30 sec. spots that were centre-pieces of "the largest media and advertising program ever undertaken for any single event in the history of the city".

One More Day - Spirit Borne
Video (Live Event) - Camera
The musical drama, "One More Day" explores the general attitude of high School students of the 21st century. Through song, dialogue, and choreography, it examines the issues which effect young people today.

Biofilms: A Growing Problem - Maunco Sanitation & Safety Supplies
Video (Seminar) - Camera/Editor
Seminar by Dr. Bill Costerton, PhD. (Director, Center For Biofilm Engineering, Montana State University) on Biofilm hazards and controls.

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Prince Edward County: A Cultural Landscape - Prince Edward Heritage Advisory Committee
Slide Show to Video - Editor
Prince Edward County has nurtured and protected a special rural culture, and a remarkable mixture of natural and cultural heritage features.

The Guess Who Concert - The Guess Who
Live Video Projection - Onstage Camera
Onstage camera for a concert with Canada's Rock Legends, "The Guess Who".

Tall Ships 2000 - Windswept Productions
Video (Documentary/Promotional) - Director/Camera/Editor
Over 30 hours of footage was shot in the summer of 2000 covering the OpSail 2000 Tall Ship event in Newport, RI and New York City, and the Tall Ships 2000 event in Halifax, NS - most of the footage was shot while sailing onboard STV Fair Jeanne of Canada's Bytown Brigantine (footage was also shot on Bytown's STV Blackjack in the Ottawa River). This footage has been/will be used in a variety of projects including Treason and Loyalty , Radio-Canada's News Service (RDI ) in their coverage of the Tall Ship visit to Halifax (2000), CKWS-TV for commercials promoting the Kingston Tall Ships Challenge (2001), and Warner Brothers for a Feature Film proposal (2002).

Outdoor Play - Loyalist College Early Childhood Education Program
Video (Documentary/Promotional) - Camera/Editor
A national study on the status of outdoor play for young children.

Sweet Harmony - Sweet Harmony
Video (Promotional) - Editor
Promo for young singing twins "Sweet Harmony", from Brighton, Ontario.

Quinte: We Mean Business - Quinte Area Economic Development Commission
Video (Promotional) - Camera/Editor
Encouraging corporate site-selectors to consider the Quinte area as "the place" to locate their business.

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